About Us

 My name is Sergio, owner of JMJCat3 Catholic Head Gear. As Christians, one of our duties is to evangelize our sisters and brothers, but in this modern world that seems to be failing, especially with our youth who walk away from the faith. I chose to design Catholic head gear and other apparel to attract and evangelize our young people to the faith. I keep in mind one of the quotes attributed to St. Francis, which is, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words”. I intend to do that with this business/ministry. A portion of your purchase will always go to Catholic charities, convents, and to local parishes in the San Fernando Valley.

Comments, Reviews, and Testimonies:
  • The hat I purchased is the collaborate efforts of The Symbol & JMJCat3, the quality is fantastic. I was really surprised because I'm used to Catholic Apparel being of lesser quality, but JMJCat3 really out does themselves with their high quality. I enjoy my purchase very much, I highly recommend this product to others. Definitely worth the money spent. Yes, you may quote me, "I definitely love that you put the best quality into a product that is to be worn in praise of a King that deserves the best quality from us".   -Kalena, Houston TX
  • JMJCat3 snapbacks are some of the greatest evangelization tools I have found dealing with particularly Urban Minority culture. The hats are visual prayers and a way of boldly living your faith while at the same time innovating with style.     -Brandon Morel Bronx, New York City. Founder and President of All Is Love Media
  • JMJcat3 hats have been a great way of bringing our faith to the world especially in the Hip Hop urban community. I am a hiphop artist and feel that these hats integrate with the culture in a positive way, encouraging other hip-hop artist to be proud of their faith and wear it boldly not just on their heads but in their hearts as well.       -Val Mural FoundNation member, San Diego CA
  • JMJCat3 has been a way to bridge my love for hip hop with my faith. I genuinely feel, also, a sort of accountability wearing the hats. Knowing that if someone sees me in one, they'll recognize, "He's a Catholic Christian." It also has opened up the opportunity to share my faith when people ask where I got it, what the logos represent... And they aren't tacky either, they look real professional like the ones you get at LIDS or New Era. Can't wait for more designs to come out.      -Alfonso Pedroza Santa Ana, CA
    • Jmjcat3 Snapback is the #1 fashion accessory bridging the gap between Catholicism & Urban culture. The quality of JMJCat3 Snapbacks go beyond mainstream satisfaction! I have over 50 snapbacks in my home which range from NewEra to Mitchell & Ness, Starter caps, but the best fit & most stylish is my JMJCat3 Snapbacks; without a doubt! JMJCat3 Snapback is an extremely powerful product that connects to minorities almost instantaneously. Not only am I wearing my religious belief on my head but I'm doing it in style!        -Melvin “Rabelz" Windley Bronx, NY Independent Catholic Hiphop artist
    • JMJCat3 caps had been an amazing instrument in evangelizing and connecting the Catholic faithful from around the Country. It has become a powerful force behind the Catholic Hip Hop scene. I am extremely proud of JMJCat3 for always supporting the faith and reaching out to the young and old through their caps. While others get to show their support and love for their favorite sports team. I'll rock JMJCat3 and show that being Catholic is my number one team.                -Jose Gonzalez Westfield, Massachusetts Co-Founder of E.S.M (Every Step Matters) Ministry